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Unoecom automates every aspect order, inventory and shipping and unifies online and retail seamlessly.

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Multi-Channel Management

  • Manage Products centrally across multiple marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Jet, Shopify and Big Commerce.
  • Order Management - Fulfill orders from eBay, Shopify or BigCommerce using amazon FBA or your warehouse - using the cheapest shipping service
  • Inventory Management – Manage Inventory across all channels and warehouses
  • Value Added features – Product Grouping, Editing, Pricing Rules, etc.

Merchant & Franchisee Program

  • Our merchant program allows people to become entrepreneurs by re-selling hot selling products on Amazon.
  • Earn up to 60% returns. Returns are guaranteed
  • Franchisee options available across the country with our Queenzliving stores (opening soon).

Feedback Management

  • Free tool for amazon sellers - Increase Sales Organically by getting more positive review and eliminating negative feedback.
  • Works on,,,,,,,, &

Warehousing, Logistics & 3PL Services

  • We provide Warehousing at cost to our international sellers in our multiple warehouses in NJ.
  • Use our integrated warehouse management system to drop-ship or ship to Amazon. We will be expanding our warehouses shortly to other parts of US



Global Selling – Manufacturer / Exporter Services

  • Manufacturers in India & China can grow their sales by selling to our Wholesale (10,000+) & Retail customers (1mm+) directly.
  • We provide at-cost Warehousing & Shipping & other 3PL services and allow them to grow their brand in US.
  • Our Merchant program attracts 100s of new sellers monthly who use our tools to sell online & on our marketplace.