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Tired of Warehouses Overcharging ?

Use our calculator to view a detailed price breakdown using Unoecom Delivery. What's more, STORAGE is FREE !!

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Simple - One Delivery Cost

Unoecom has condensed all of your fulfillment costs (e.g. pick & pack, box, ship etc.) into just one single fulfilment fee

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Unoecom with the help of it's providers, has reduced costs to make ecommerce delivery economical & affordable

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Costs are fully transparent. As a seller, we understand the gotcha's and hence intend to make pricing as transparent as possible.

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Applies to each unit fulfilled, based on weight, dimensions and service level. This includes receiving, shipping, order handling, pick pack and box costs.

We currently support 2 service levels: Standard delivery 1 Day & 2 Day delivery. Service levels are measured from order placement date to delivery date.

Starting at
$3.99 per unit

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What does my fulfillment fee cover?

Your single fee covers all aspects of ecommerce order processing such as (pick & pack, box, ship, warehouse processing, inventory update etc)

Does Unoecom storage fees?

No. Unoecom, does not charge storage at our provider network for most quick-selling SKU's. However, in certain cases, we may ask the sellers to

Are there discounts for multi-unit orders?

Yes, if the provider has all the sku's, additional sku's are discounted.

How do you charge for removals/disposals?

You can choose to remove or dispose of your inventory at anytime by contacting and providing a list of SKU's and QTY

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